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FICO Scores and Credit Reports

When you request your credit report, you expect that report to contain up-to-the-minute information about your credit scores. While every credit report will have the most recent details about your financial history, there's only one report that has the most comprehensive information: MYFICO .

Your MYFICO credit report is all-encompassing and is, essentially, the only credit reports that counts:

  • MYFICO provides seven years worth of financial data, in contrast to other credit report providers who only supply 24 months worth of data.
  • There is no artificial inflation of your FICO score. It might feel good to see scores on other credit reports that are 40 or 50 points higher than you expected, but the most accurate and reliable scores will come directly from MYFICO .
  • The extra five years of history on your MYFICO report may carry more derogatory credit details, but it can also contain five years worth of positive data. Both have an absolute effect on your true credit scores.

There are two databases that offer credit reports. The consumer database offers only two years worth of credit history and is used to compute the credit reports that you might see advertised on television.

The lender database contains your most genuine credit scores based on seven years of credit history. When you apply for a loan or mortgage, this is the database that lenders will access to pull your scores - it's also the same database used by MYFICO .

To insure that you're receiving the report that includes the most thorough details, request your credit report directly from MYFICO instead of other credit report providers. Give your life the credit it deserves.

See the difference between MYFICO and the competition! Both reports were pulled by the same client 1 hour apart on the exact same day. With dramatically different results.

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