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Solomon Algazi is not an attorney and does not give legal advice.

The materials represented on www.solomonalgazi.com are designed to enable users to learn more about credit problems and debt collection, and is based on Solomon's experience working with consumers and a vast number of credit problems for more than 10 years. The materials represented do not, and are not intended to be substituted for, or constitute, legal advice.

Though Mr. Algazi has done extensive research on credit restoration, worked with attorneys and has been a guest speaker at hundreds of Credit Seminars, including The NYPD's Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) meeting of delegates, visitors to www.solomonalgazi.com should use their own judgment when using the site and its contents. All advice and Video Tutorials and Blogs are for educational purposes only and do not predict or guarantee future results. Furthermore, anyone requiring legal advice or have legal problems with their credit should consult a competent attorney.

Due to the sensitive nature of credit reports and personal identifying information, www.solomonalgazi.com does not solicit confidential information.

Solomonalgazi.com has not been designed to help anyone evade debts or to undermine the integrity of the credit reporting system. There is a legal and moral obligation to pay all credit accounts owed; however, inaccurate reporting of data and an often unfair credit system discriminate against those who do not understand how it works and can adversely affect consumers and their credit scores.

Solomonalgazi.com is intended to help consumers understand and make drastic improvements to their credit, as are often thought impossible.

Once the techniques have been mastered using the tools learned on this site, consumers will become a force with which to be reckoned against the injustices of the credit system.